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Installation Insurance

What is Installation Insurance?

Graphics Installation Insurance is optional and offered at checkout for a small cost that is added to your total at checkout. For some, this is preferable to purchasing a complete replacement kit if something goes wrong during installation! If you select to purchase this insurance, your graphics kit will be covered against any mishaps that may happen while you are installing your graphics kit. This gives you peace of mind and removes pressure while installing your graphics.

What IS Covered?

If you selected and paid for the installation insurance option at checkout, then the graphics kit is covered under our installation insurance policy. If anything goes wrong during installation, we will replace the parts up to a complete replacement kit one time. The kind of mishaps that are covered are: tears, contamination, folds, incorrect positioning, the vinyl sticking to itself, dropping the vinyl, any problem that cannot be reasonably fixed after installation.

Note on bubbles: Bubbles can often be removed using a needle and squeegeeing the air/water out. We will recommend and ask that you attempt this before replacing any part of your kit.

What is NOT Covered?

Installation insurance does not cover changes of color, changes of design style, or changes to the graphic kit originally purchased at checkout, or anything that happens post installation. It also does not cover installations that take place over 45 days after receiving your graphics. Once your graphics are delivered, you have 45 days to install them, after that time your graphics installation insurance policy will expire. Shipping of the replacement kit, or part thereof is not covered under the policy. We will only replace items with identical items purchased at checkout.

How to File a Claim?

Contact us as soon as you have a problem with installation using the links below. We will then open a claim and will contact you for further information, photographs will be required in order to complete your claim.

How Long Does a Claim Take?

Not long at all! As soon as we receive your claim, pictures, and payment for shipping the the replacement section(s), your replacement section(s) will be on the way.

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