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Graphic Proof Emails?

Graphics proof emails are sent out at the request of customers. Proof emails allow a you to see what a graphic will look like, either before your purchase or if you have already ordered, before we produce and ship your order.

We usually send three of these emails:
  • The first within one business day of receiving your order.
  • The second approximately seven days after the first email.
  • The third and final attempt will be sent approximately fourteen days after the first email was sent out.
  • After the third email, it will be your responsibility to contact us regarding the commencement of your order!

Design Proofs Requested At Checkout.

We usually send out these emails within one business day of receiving your order. If you do not receive your proof email after one business day, please take the following steps:
  1. Check your Spam and Junk mail folders.
  2. Make sure you are able to receive emails from the domains. Some email service providers have stringent spam blockers that may require you to pre-authorize, or add us to a "whitelist".
  3. If after checking the above and you still cannot find the proof email, please contact us as soon as possible using the form below so that we can re-send the proof email for your approval.
IMPORTANT: If at checkout you check the box by the option "Email me a proof/copy of my decal design for approval prior to production?" Then please be aware that your order will not be produced or shipped until we receive an approval reply to the email we sent to the email address supplied at checkout. There are no exceptions to this rule! By selecting this option at checkout you are doing the following:
  1. Requesting to see what the graphics you are ordering will look like with your customizations, before having your order produced and shipped to you.
  2. Allowing yourself to make adjustments to your ordered graphic(s) prior to your order being produced and shipped to you.
  3. Ensuring that you will be happy with the design of the graphics you are going to receive.
  4. Preventing your order from being shipped until you have informed us that are happy with the design proofs you received via email of the graphics we are going to send you!

Request Another Proof Email

If you have not received your design proof email with 24 hours, we ask that you firstly check your spam folders, and junk email folder. Or, if for any reason you need us to send your design proof email. Please click on the envelope below to complete the request for for a new email. Alternatively please do not hesitate to request one by sending us and email at [javascript protected email address].

[javascript protected email address]

Please Note: If you are having trouble receiving our emails, please make sure that we are "white listed" in your email client, and with your email provider. This usually prevents our emails being moved to your junk folders, and in some cases dismissed totally by your email provider.
We do not send unwanted or spam emails EVER, and we do not ignore our customers EVER.