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Installation Questions

All of our graphics are vehicle specific. Most of our kits have been designed to be installed by one person in about 30 - 60 minutes. Larger vinyl graphics kits will take longer and may involve more than one person. If you do not have experience, please do as much research as possible on how to install vinyl graphics, or find a qualified professional in your area.

  • Stiff plastic squeegee, spreader, or even a credit card.
  • Sharp razor knife, or exacto knife.
  • Roll of masking tape.
  • Tape measure.
  • You may wish to make a application/wetting solution.
    • Mix a couple of drops of dish soap, to one quart of water.
    • This will allow you to lift the kit back up during installation to remove large air bubbles or just to make adjustments as needed.
    • Use a clean spray bottle but don't use too much soap, couple of drops per quart is plenty.
    • Some pro installers like to install kits dry since there is no drying time before you can remove the premask, and they have the experience needed to avoid air bubbles and placement problems.
    • It is recommended that you do a wet installation.


The High Performance Vinyl Films we use are designed to be removed without damaging the vehicle paint. In fact, customers often change their kits for a new look, and have no problem removing the kit. Please click HERE for details on how to remove vinyl graphics.


Vinyl graphic kits may be easily removed within the first 12 months. However, you may need to heat them up with a blow dryer (not a heat gun) after the initial year, this will make it easier to remove them.

The graphics are considered permanent since they are manufactured and tested to have a high durability rating (equivalent to OEM) of 7-12 years to resist outdoor elements, but can be removed at any time.

Once installation is complete, the vinyl graphics cannot be repositioned! Attempting to do so after completing installation will result in damaging the vinyl graphics (stretching, tearing, etc.) rendering them unusable. Therefore, it is important to be patient and careful, allowing you to get it right the first time!

However, when using the "wet" application method, the vinyl graphics may be adjusted during the earlier stages of installation.

We suggest practicing a "dry fit", prior to final installation. This can be done by placing the entire graphics kit in the correct position(s) on the vehicle, using masking tape to secure it in place. Masking tape, or a grease pencil may be used to mark reference points for final installation.

Many people choose professional installation as an option, there are thousands of professional graphics installers located in the United States, and around the world! In your area, local sign shops dealing with vinyl, window tint shops, and restyling shops would be happy to help you with installation. However, many people successfully install the graphics kits themselves, saving money, gaining experience, and pride in their work.

The choice is entirely yours!

Be patient.

Allow time for the vinyl graphic to gain adhesion to the vehicle, this is usually only a factor when using the "wet" application method.

When using the "wet" application method, time is needed for the application fluid to dissipate, this allows the adhesive on the vinyl film to activate, and adhere to the vehicle.

Climate is the main factor that dictates the amount of time needed for adhesion to take place. Warm, dry climates will reduce wait time, whereas cold, wet climates will increase wait time.

The only reason the vinyl will adhere to the paper liner/backing is by getting the paper liner/backing wet.

From the time of production until shipping, there is no way the graphics kit comes into any contact with any type of moisture.

If the package is left in wet weather upon delivery, this would require an insurance claim with the shipping carrier.

    Bubbles can be avoided during the application of your graphics kit by:
  • Taking your time and making sure the vehicle surface is clean.
  • Beginning to squeegee the kit in the middle, working slowly outward to the edges of the graphic while pressing firmly, and repeating this procedure for the rest of the graphic.

Some very small bubbles will disappear as the kit dries. However, you may still get small bubbles at times because of humidity or other factors. If this is the case, remove the bubbles using a pin, or sharp blade, to make a small hole in the bubble. Then work the air or water gently out through the hole.

Kits can be installed wet or dry depending on the vinyl. If a dry application method is used, once the adhesive makes contact with the surface, for the most part, it will be difficult to pull the vinyl back up to remove bubbles.

More experienced installers may find it faster to apply a kit using the "dry" method. However, inexperienced installers may find the "wet" application method preferable.