Hood Fender Hash Stripes

The hood to fender hash stripes are OEM Style decals. These decals start at the edge of the hood and go to the contour line on the fender. These decals will add the sporty look to your Journey that will give it the unique look that the Journey pulls off so well. Hood Fender Hash Stripes on the
From $37.80 Each Part Number: DDG-JRNY11-HFHS

Hood Center Stripe

These hood center stripes are applied to the center section of the Dodge Journey's Hood. They are designed to fit perfectly between the recessed channels of the hood, and will give this family SUV, and sporty sedan look. These stripes accent the hood and make the hood look beefy. Hood Center Stripe on the
From $59.59 Each Part Number: DDG-JRNY11-HCS

Main Hood Decals

These Hood Decals, also known as Hood Blackouts, have been designed to precisely fit the left and right sides of the Dodge Journey's Hood. They are installed to the left and right of the center section, and the center recess channels of the hood. These hood decals can add contrast or simply an accent to the hood, depending on the style and color you choose for various effects, and looks. Main Hood Decals on the
From $121.33 Per Set Part Number: DDG-JRNY11-MNHD

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